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Reach a Successful Resolution to Even the Most Complex Divorce

Divorce is seldom an easy decision to make. Ending a marriage or domestic partnership can be a sensitive, stressful, and emotional time for anyone. For high-performing professionals, a divorce could impact your life in ways you hadn’t even considered. The result could put much of your family and business interests at risk.

The attorneys at Moradi Saslaw understand how precious family is to you and the unique challenges you face. We pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate the maze of high-net-worth divorce in the San Francisco Bay Area with confidence and success.

Few divorces or custody arrangements are simple and straightforward. The more complex your assets – such as business interests, stock options, trusts, fine art pieces, or multiple homes, the more complicated your case can get. Our family lawyers specialize in working with high-net-worth individuals whose cases require an expert approach.

Whether you’re private equity or venture capital partner, an elite doctor or lawyer at the top of your field, a top-performing CEO or entrepreneur, or a dedicated homemaker, our high-value divorce lawyers have the expertise to handle the challenges of your case. That includes the unique issues faced by same-sex couples who are separating.

When you work with our team, we begin by explaining the different procedural options for your divorce – settlement, mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigation. Depending on your goals and the specific facts of your case, we’ll provide you with recommendations on your best course forward and the support you need to succeed.

Every divorce in the San Francisco Bay Area is different and every family has its own needs and goals for the future. Our talented team of lawyers is ready to step up with creative solutions for whatever your case may require. Call us at (415) 625-4587 to speak with one of our lawyers today.

California Divorce Process Options

1. Settlement or Negotiated Divorce Agreement

A divorce settlement is a negotiated agreement detailing the terms of a couple’s separation, usually crafted with the help of their attorneys. At Moradi Saslaw, we work with our clients to protect their best interests throughout their divorce negotiations, including their business assets and custody and visitation rights.

Settlement negotiations are confidential and can save you a significant amount of time and expense. The settlement process also allows you to reduce the amount of direct communication with your spouse, which can cut down on conflict and stress…  Read More

2. Divorce Mediation

In a divorce mediation, a neutral mediator meets with both parties to resolve the terms of your divorce. Your mediator will usually be a current or former family law attorney. The mediator’s role is not to advocate for either party but to help both parties reach an agreement. Consulting attorneys may attend mediation sessions with their clients, or clients may attend on their own and use their consulting attorneys as needed. 

Moradi Saslaw attorneys act both as neutral divorce mediators and consulting attorneys to parties in mediation. With so much at stake, you should always have a consulting attorney on your side to protect your interests throughout the divorce mediation process…  Read More

3. Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce in California involves assembling a team of professionals to help you and your spouse reach an out-of-court settlement through troubleshooting and problem-solving. This team typically includes a separate attorney and mental health professional for each spouse, a financial consultant, and a child psychologist when appropriate.

Collaborative divorces require both parties to be willing to participate and work together in good faith. Although each side has a divorce attorney they can consult privately, the goal is for the group to act as a team and encourage you and your spouse to lead the discussion…  Read More

4. Divorce Litigation

Divorce litigation is generally a last resort when a couple cannot settle or agree on all or some of their issues. Litigation involves asking a court to make legally binding decisions that you and your spouse cannot otherwise resolve in a negotiation.

Litigation is a more adversarial process but it may be the only feasible option if you and your partner have experienced a breakdown in communication or simply cannot see eye to eye. Your case could become even more complicated if it spans across state lines. In court, your case depends on complex legal rules and the specific facts of your situation…  Read More

Choose the Best Team to Handle Your Divorce Right

Divorce is a major life decision with huge emotional and financial consequences. The divorce process is challenging for everyone but can be even more complicated for partnerships with children, high-value assets, and complex financial arrangements. Finding the right team to support you through this process is essential to your future.

Whatever our role may be in your divorce, Moradi Saslaw is here to support you through the entire process. We will always work to preserve your best interests, whether that involves a negotiated settlement, collaborative agreement, mediation, or trial. Our expertise also covers custody matters such as co-parenting, visitation rights, and move-away disputes.

Even if your case goes to trial, we strive to make the litigation process as smooth as possible for our clients. Our experienced divorce lawyers work with you to develop a strategy and roadmap early on to protect your interests and goals at all times.

Our divorce lawyers have a strong record of success both in the courtroom and across the negotiation table. Our San Francisco Bay Area practice regularly works with startup owners and investors to divide stock options and untangle partnership interests. We are dedicated to solving high-stakes divorce issues and custody disputes in the most advantageous way for you and your family.

When it comes to family, you need a lawyer you can trust. Nothing hits closer to home than divorce – and the effects don’t stop there. California’s community property rules could put your business or professional interests on the table to be split between you and your spouse. Or you may be separating from a spouse you believe is hiding assets from you.

Whatever support you need, Moradi Saslaw has you covered. Contact us online or call our office now at (415) 625-4587 to schedule a consultation with an experienced San Francisco divorce attorney.