Solving Complex Family Law Issues with Creative Strategies

What Sets Us Apart

Moradi Saslaw is a team of family law attorneys dedicated to solving the complicated issues in high-stakes divorce and custody matters in San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Marin, and Orange County.

We understand more than family law.

In addition to being skilled family law attorneys, we understand the sophisticated high-asset world of the San Francisco Bay Area and Orange County. From startups to real estate, private equity firms to venture capitalists, we have the level of knowledge and experience our clients need. Whether we’re doing an analysis of dividing stock options and restricted stock, untangling limited partnership interests, or working with a forensic accountant, we know the best way to effectively support our clients.

We’re well-versed in custody matters.

We know that your children are top priority, which is why our strategies are all about your children’s best interests, including helping you and your partner become successful co-parents when possible. We represent clients in a wide variety of contested custody matters, including move-away disputes.

We’re highly educated and experienced.

Our founding partners are elite educated. Kiana Katie Moradi graduated from Cornell Law School with a concentration in business, and Jennifer Saslaw graduated from Stanford Law School.  Nearly all of our attorneys have at least a decade of family law experience. This firm and its lawyers are consistently recognized.  The firm has been named as Top Tier firm by U.S. News & Best Lawyers since 2021, and by Top Women Attorneys in Northern California since 2015, recognized by Super Lawyers since 2010.

When we say team, we mean it.

We have weekly roundtable strategy sessions to review our client cases. Every one of our attorneys brings their unique education and experience to the table. Being able to talk through strategy options with the entire team helps us think creatively, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible solutions for their complex situations.

We protect our clients’ interests on all fronts.

In addition to being prepared in the legal field, we do our best to protect our clients’ privacy at all times. We are dedicated to using encryption services for sensitive documents.

We stand up for you.

We’re real people. We understand and empathize with our clients because we know how difficult this process is. We’re here for our clients when things get hard, standing up for them when they struggle to stand up for themselves. The attorneys at Moradi Saslaw are here for you, supporting you on your journey through the divorce process to the next chapter.

We’re green.

Moradi Saslaw has been certified by the city of San Francisco as an SF Green Business.

Moradi Saslaw is here for you. Call us today.