Solving Complex Family Law Issues with Creative Strategies

Corona Del Mar Divorce Lawyer

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one, and neither is the divorce process in California. Turning one household into two requires making complex legal decisions for your financial assets as well as for the most important thing in your life—your family. It’s common for one or more disputes to arise in a Corona Del Mar Divorce, especially for divorcing spouses with complex marital assets. Some divorces become contentious over child custody and parenting schedules. While you deal with the deep emotions involved in the divorce process, you need a skilled and efficient divorce attorney to navigate the legal aspects of your Corona Del Mar divorce and work toward the best possible outcome for you and your family.

If you’ve decided to file for divorce or you’ve received a divorce petition from your spouse, contact the divorce lawyers at Moradi Saslaw Family Law Attorneys today for a confidential consultation.

Why Choose Us for Your Divorce Corona Del Mar?

Family law is complex, especially when it involves untangling substantial assets as well as making difficult child custody decisions during divorce. Communication and compromise work best, but compromising isn’t always possible, especially when children and/or hard-earned financial interests are involved. By hiring an attorney from Moradi Saslaw, you’ll have the skilled legal counsel and representation you deserve through the following advantages offered by our firm:

  • We are more than divorce lawyers, Moradi Saslaw is a full-service law firm ready to meet your family’s legal needs in all aspects of family law
  • We have decades of experience in navigating the most complex financial aspects of divorce, including for spouses with high assets, diverse portfolios, or family-owned businesses
  • Our team of practiced divorce lawyers has an in-depth understanding of California’s child custody laws and offers creative solutions to accommodate the state’s goal of making decisions in the best interests of the child
  • We take a collaborative approach toward complex problems so you have the benefit of a team of legal minds as well as the individual attention of the attorney focused on your divorce case

At Moradi Saslaw Family Law Attorneys, we understand the impacts of divorce agreements and court orders on a family. We always place your family’s well-being as our top priority with a resolution-based approach; however, we are more than ready to defend your interests in court when an amicable resolution isn’t possible.

What are the Procedural Options for a California Divorce?

No two divorces in Corona Del Mar are the same just as no two marriages are the same. Our attorneys guide clients through their procedural options for accomplishing their goals during the divorce so they can find the best fit for their unique circumstances. Divorcing spouses in California have several options highlighted below.

  • Negotiating a Settlement Agreement Out of Court

Short of reconciliation, one of the best-case scenarios for divorcing spouses is avoiding the high cost and contention of a drawn-out court battle by negotiating agreements on all aspects of their divorce including child custody, division of assets, and child and/or spousal support. Both spouses and their attorneys meet to work out all divorce terms through communication and compromise until both parties are satisfied and sign a settlement agreement without the need for a judge to decide for them. Often, professional mediation helps facilitate these agreements. A neutral mediator offers creative solutions for common problems that spouses may not have considered on their own. Spouses who avoid divorce courts are better able to communicate later without the high degree of adverse feelings associated with court battles. This is especially important for spouses who share children.

  • Collaborative Divorce

This is a more intensive means of forming a mutually acceptable out-of-court agreement. In a collaborative divorce in California, both spouses agree to keep their divorce out of court by following a plan of negotiation meetings, mediation, and a collaborative effort between spouses and their lawyers to work out a settlement agreement.

  • Litigation in Divorce Court

At Moradi Saslaw, we understand that out-of-court agreements and compromise are not always possible or even advisable, especially in matters of domestic abuse or to ensure the best interests of children in custody disputes. In many high-asset or complex-asset divorces, litigation becomes necessary to protect a client’s rights and best interests. Our attorneys are more than ready to create a strong legal strategy for litigating in court to achieve the most favorable outcomes possible for clients in all contentious aspects of divorce.

Understanding Child Custody in a Corona Del Mar Divorce

California family courts uphold the legal standard of meeting a child’s best interests as its goal in all family court decisions under California’s Code §3011, prioritizing “The health, safety, and welfare of the child.”

The state does not make decisions based on the sex of the parent. Instead, it asserts that continued close contact with both parents is in a child’s best interests except under corroborated instances of abuse, neglect, parental incarceration, addiction, or other circumstances that place a child’s physical or emotional health and well-being at risk.