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Laguna Beach High Asset Divorce Lawyer

A divorce causes emotional and financial upheaval for all spouses who’ve decided it’s time to take new paths, but when divorcing spouses have high assets and diverse financial portfolios it can quickly become overwhelming. Under California’s community property divorce laws, spouses must equally divide their marital assets. This isn’t easy even under any circumstances but when emotions are running high and there is a lot to lose, the situation often becomes volatile. The high-asset divorce lawyers in Laguna Beach take a resolution-based approach to high-asset divorces without ever compromising our client’s best interests. Call Moradi Saslaw Family Law Attorneys at (949) 688-8880 today so we can begin a strong strategy tailored to the unique needs of your high-asset divorce case.

Why Choose Moradi Saslaw for Your High Asset Divorce in Laguna Beach?

We are the premier divorce lawyers in Laguna Beach. We offer a full range of family law services for our clients, including those seeking high-asset divorces. Since 2009, we’ve represented clients in their Laguna Beach divorces with a track record that includes the following:

  • A history of success in securing high-asset divorce settlement agreements with minimal contention while always safeguarding our clients’ rights
  • Successful litigation in court by powerful attorneys with years of experience assertively representing our client’s best interests
  • Over 15 years of experience navigating California’s requirements for asset division as well as child custody, child support, and spousal support as full-service family lawyers in Laguna Beach
  • Experience in representing divorcing clients from various backgrounds ranging from venture capitalists and real-estate magnates to powerful equity holders, elite doctors, and A-list celebrities

Our team of attorneys handle each client’s case with the discretion, confidence, and diligent attention to detail it deserves. Our clients know we let nothing slip through the cracks while representing their interests throughout the high-asset divorce process.

If you and your spouse accumulated substantial assets during your marriage, it’s essential to hire a Laguna Beach family law attorney who can protect your interests and preserve the style of living you’ve enjoyed during your marriage.

Division of Community Property in a Laguna Beach High-Asset Divorce Case

Spouses seldom think of marriage as a legal contract while walking down a flowery aisle, but in California, marriage forms a legal “community” of two. Breaking the marital contract is similar to dissolving a business partnership—only it’s combined with the emotionally fraught aspects of divorce such as child custody decisions. Since California is a community property state, when divorcing, you are entitled to 50% of all maritial assets. When facing a high-asset divorce case, you need an assertive, purposeful attorney with meticulous attention to detail to protect your rights and best interests while dividing your community property.

In California, spouses may retain their separate property including:

  • Any property, assets, investment accounts, businesses, and valuables they owned before the marriage
  • Any assets they inherited during the marriage
  • Any gifts given to them alone during the marriage

Spouses must equally divide and distribute their marital assets including:

  • All bank, investment, and retirement accounts accumulated during the marriage regardless of whose name is on the account, title, or deed
  • All businesses and intellectual property developed during the marriage
  • All real estate properties purchased during the marriage
  • Vehicles, boats, and RVs
  • Valuables, collectibles, antiques, artwork, household goods, and electronics accumulated during the marriage

Determining separate and marital assets isn’t as easy as it might appear due to the commingling of assets that commonly occurs during marriage. For example, if one spouse invests time, money, and skills into the other spouse’s separate business, property, or investments, they have a claim to a portion of the improved value.

Call the High-Asset Lawyers at Moradi Saslaw Today for Your Laguna Beach Divorce Case

High-asset divorces combined with high emotions can quickly cause contention. You need a Laguna Beach high asset divorce lawyer who is a strong strategist to protect your family and your financial future through careful attention to detail, a firm but fair stance throughout negotiations, and an assertive advocate in court should the divorce require resolving disputes before a judge.

Call or contact Moradi Saslaw today so you have an attorney on your side through every step of the divorce process so you can move forward with the best possible start to your post-divorce future.