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Oakland Spousal Support Lawyer

Alimony is often a contentious topic during a divorce. Whether you are in need of spousal support or require assistance defeating a request for spousal support in Oakland, it is imperative you work with an experienced family law attorney like those at Moradi Saslaw.

While there is no right to receive alimony or spousal support, it is a device employed by the court to resolve the financial disparity between divorcing spouses. Every case is different, and Moradi Saslaw will advocate for your position and fight for what is best for you.

At Moradi Saslaw, our legal team is:

  • Professional and prepared to fight for your legal goals;
  • Strategic and creative when devising a plan for your case; and
  • Diligent and determined to find the proper resolution to your issue inside or outside of the courtroom.

Call Moradi Saslaw in Oakland today to speak with an Oakland family law attorney about spousal support or your overall divorce case. We also handle the division of complex assets and debts and issues involving child custody and support.

How Our Oakland Spousal Support Attorneys Can Help

While spousal support is only one of many divorce issues, it has a significant effect on your financial and economic future. Moradi Saslaw’s spousal support attorneys have the skills and knowledge needed to build your case and provide you with the legal support you can rely on throughout your divorce.

Our spousal support attorneys will do the following and more on your behalf:

  • Ensure you understand California’s laws regarding spousal support;
  • Serve as a buffer between your spouse and their attorney;
  • Attempt to negotiate a spousal support settlement before litigation;
  • Collect and prepare documentary evidence to support your position;
  • Retain necessary experts; and
  • Present your case before a judge if needed.

Get the spousal support guidance you need by contacting Moradi Saslaw. We will meet with you confidentially to discuss your case and address your questions and concerns.

Calculating Spousal Support in California

While there are temporary support guidelines for the courts to use when calculating temporary spousal support during a divorce case, there are no such guidelines for determining spousal support at the end of a divorce case. Instead, the judge must consider several factors set out in California Family Code Section 4320.

These are as follows:

  • The length of the marriage or domestic partnership;
  • What each person needs based on the standard of living they had during the marriage or domestic partnership;
  • What each person pays or can pay (including earnings and earning capacity) to keep the standard of living they had during the marriage or domestic partnership;
  • Whether having a job would make it too hard to take care of the children;
  • The age and health of both people;
  • Debts and property;
  • Whether one spouse or domestic partner helped the other get an education, training, career, or professional license;
  • Whether there was domestic violence in the marriage or domestic partnership;
  • Whether one spouse’s or domestic partner’s career was affected by unemployment or by taking care of the children or home; and
  • The tax impact of spousal support.

California statutes provide a detailed discussion of each of these points. However, to discuss how each of these applies to your divorce case, contact an experienced Oakland spousal support attorney for further information.

Contact an Experienced Oakland Spousal Support Attorney

There is a lot at stake when it comes to spousal support. That is why it is crucial you retain a well-versed and highly skilled spousal support attorney to handle your divorce case and constantly guard your interests.

At Moradi Saslaw, we are proud to provide effective legal solutions and client-centered representation to the Oakland area. Contact us today and schedule a private consultation to discuss how we can assist you.