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Child custody is one of the most emotional and contested issues in any divorce case. At Moradi Saslaw, we understand the effect that a child custody decision has on the lives of you and your children. That is why we are committed to fighting for your best interests and striving for a positive outcome with the least impact on your children.

Our Palo Alto child custody and visitation attorneys offer:

  • Customized representation in the pursuit of your goals;
  • The empathy and support you need through any difficulties that arise during your case; and
  • A legal team is prepared to go to court when negotiations are no longer an option.

Every child custody case is unique. Contact Moradi Saslaw today to find out how California’s child custody laws apply to your situation.

Our Palo Alto Custody and Visitation Attorneys Can Help

The Palo Alto family law attorneys at Moradi Saslaw can provide you with the legal support and resources needed to protect your parental rights and create a plan for moving your case forward through the custody process. We are experienced in all manners of custody disputes and can offer a detailed analysis regarding the possible outcome of your custody matter.

Additionally, Moradi Saslaw’s attorneys can do the following:

  • Ensure you understand California’s custody laws and how they affect you;
  • Estimate any child support payments that may be owing;
  • Gather relevant evidence to support your case;
  • Retain experts that could benefit your case;
  • Present your evidence in court;
  • Advise you when compromise, rather than the court, may work in your favor;
  • Manage any safety concerns where an abuser may be involved; and
  • Pursue any post-divorce custody or visitation modifications.

Speak with Moradi Saslaw’s Palo Alto office now to schedule a confidential case consultation. One of our attorneys can analyze your case and advise you of the next best legal steps to take in your child custody matter.

California Custody and Visitation

There are two types of custody in California, legal and physical. Parents are encouraged to work together and share one or both types of custody. However, the court will decide on a custody arrangement when parents are unable to agree of their own volition.

In California, the court bases its custody decisions on the best interests of the child. The court does not favor either parent when making a custody decision.

The best interests of the child include:

  • The child’s health, safety, and welfare;
  • Whether either parent has a history of abuse against the child or other parent;
  • The nature and amount of contact with both parents;
  • Whether either parent has a history of illegal use of controlled substances, alcohol, or prescribed medications; and
  • Any other factor the court deems relevant.

The court may award parents joint legal and physical custody, sole legal and physical custody, or any combination of the two.

Legal and Physical Custody in California

Legal custody is the right to make significant decisions about a child’s welfare, including:

  • Where a child attends school;
  • Whether a child engages in religious activities; and
  • Whether a child should receive elective medical care.

Physical custody refers to where a child resides. If a child lives primarily with one parent, that parent is known as the custodial parent. The other parent is the noncustodial parent and typically has visitation rights.

Parents with whom a child resides for an approximately equal time have joint physical custody. When one parent has sole physical custody, the other usually follows a visitation schedule designating visitation times and child exchange points for visits. A parent is rarely barred from any visitation with their child.

Modifying an Existing Custody or Visitation Order

Parents can change or modify an existing custody and visitation order either by agreement or by filing a motion with the court. If the change is not an agreed modification, there must be a significant change of circumstances that necessitates modifying the order in the child’s best interests.

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