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Navigating California’s child support statutes and calculations can be a daunting, complex process. Using the professional legal guidance offered by Moradi Saslaw, you can either secure the child support you need or ensure that you do not overpay your obligation.

At Moradi Saslaw, our child support attorneys want to help resolve your child support matter in as hassle-free a manner as possible. Our Danville family law attorneys are:

  • Well-versed in child support laws, deviations, and add-on calculations;
  • Competent and connected with the resources needed to determine self-employed income; and
  • Aggressive and proactive when advocating for your interests.

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Let Our Danville Child Support Attorneys Help You

Generally, the parent granted primary custody is eligible to receive child support payments from the other parent. This support is meant to cover a child’s basic needs such as medical care, childcare, educational expenses, transportation and travel, entertainment, and extracurricular activities. Once a child support agreement or order is put in place, either parent may be able to raise or lower child support due to changes in circumstances like a job loss.

At Moradi Saslaw, our child support attorneys will assist you with the child support implementation or modification process. We will explain your legal rights to you and answer your questions regarding if and when you may qualify for a child support modification.

We will also do the following on your behalf:

  • Assess your case and documents for clarity;
  • Calculate anticipated support payments;
  • Pursue any unpaid child support through the court;
  • Advise you of available deviations or optional add-ons.
  • Negotiate a child support agreement; and
  • Litigate your child support issue before the court.

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California’s Child Support Guidelines

Per California law, every child has the right to be financially supported by both parents, and parents share an equal responsibility to support their children. The amount of child support in California is determined by a statewide guideline.

The guideline uses a mathematical formula and takes the following factors into account when calculating support:

  • The actual average monthly income of each parent;
  • The tax filing status of each parent;
  • The number of children these parents have together;
  • The actual percentage of time the child spends with each parent;
  • Court-ordered child support paid for the benefit of children from other relationships;
  • Health insurance premiums paid by either or both parties;
  • Mandatory retirement contributions by either or both parties; and
  • Mandatory union dues paid by either or both parties.

It can be difficult to prove a parent’s actual income when self-employed and suppressing their income. It is crucial to have the assistance of a skilled attorney when a parent can manipulate their income.

Once child support is set, it can only be modified by a showing of a material change of circumstances. A material change of circumstances may include a change in the other parent’s income or employment status, or increased visitation with the child.

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Children and their parents deserve the resources necessary to meet their needs and maintain a reasonable standard of living. At Moradi Saslaw, we represent parents obligated to pay support and those entitled to receive it. Our child support attorneys know California’s child support system and want to help you understand your rights and obligations within it. Contact us today.