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Danville Division of Assets and Debts Lawyer

Property division is a difficult and complex task in divorce. It often takes the help of a divorce professional to help you work through the fairly disentangling marital property. Often identifying and valuing a property is a significant hurdle on its own.

At Moradi Saslaw, our divorce attorneys will work diligently to help you through the property aspects of your divorce case. We are passionate about helping you protect your interests and can guide you through property division, no matter how complicated.

Moradi Saslaw’s property division attorneys are:

  • Skilled and knowledgeable in the legal and financial tasks of property division;
  • Possessed with the resources and experience to effectively separate high-net-worth and complex asset estates; and
  • Able to use alternative and creative means to settle property disputes or move to courtroom litigation as needed.

Call or contact Moradi Saslaw today to discuss your property division case with one of our divorce attorneys. We want to help you make the best-informed decisions about your current and future finances.

Let Our Danville Property Division Attorneys Help You

It is imperative an experienced Danville divorce attorney work with you in any property division case. It does not matter if you are creating your own property division agreement or strictly following California’s community property laws. Without the help of a legal professional like those at Moradi Saslaw, your interests are left unguarded.

In any division of assets and debts, it is crucial you have the assistance and advice of an attorney for the following:

  • Identifying all assets and debts;
  • Accurately valuing any real property and other assets; and
  • Determining if particular assets and debts are marital or separate for purposes of fair and accurate division.

To learn more about the property identification process and to learn more about California’s laws about marital and separate property, call the Danville office of Moradi Saslaw. One of our attorneys can meet with you in a confidential setting to advise you regarding how California’s property laws will apply to your asset and debt division.

California is a Community Property State

California is a community property state. Therefore, any assets or debts acquired throughout a marriage belong equally to both spouses. These assets and debts must be equally divided between the spouses by the court in a divorce.

In California, spouses can reach their own property settlement agreement, or the court can divide their property on their behalf. Marital debt is also considered community property and is subject to division in any divorce.

The Date of Separation

The date of separation is crucial when determining the division of assets and debts in California. Any assets and debts incurred by the spouses after separation are considered separate property.

California law defines separation as:

  • Physical separation. The spouses must be living apart from each other. One spouse will likely have moved out of the shared home, but it is also possible that the court may decide the spouses are separated when they are sleeping apart from each other; or
  • Intent to end the marriage. The spouses must prove that the separation was made with the intent to end the marriage permanently and is not a trial separation.

Proving the date of separation can be difficult, but it is essential when either spouse accrues with debt after the separation. Otherwise, the other spouse may be responsible for that debt.

Contact an Experienced Danville Divorce Attorney

There are many variables in the division of assets and debts that could significantly impact your future. Before moving forward with your property division, consult with an experienced Danville family law attorney at Moradi Saslaw. We can help you establish a property agreement with your spouse or move your case before a judge if settlement is not possible.

Contact Moradi Saslaw in Danville today. We will schedule a confidential consultation to discuss protecting your property and other legal rights afforded to you in a California divorce.