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Huntington Beach Child Custody Attorney

All aspects of a divorce are emotional and distressing, but none are as emotionally fraught and often hotly contested as child custody cases in Huntington Beach divorces. Likewise, unmarried parents who share a biological child may also face heated child custody disputes. When your family’s future is at stake, a Huntington Beach child custody attorney understands the momentousness of a custody decision.

California courts decide all family law matters in the best interests of the children. The child custody attorneys at Moradi Saslaw understand that no one knows what’s best for your children like you do. We are ready to represent your child custody case as a critical portion of your divorce case or as a separate legal matter. Call our Huntington Beach family law attorney today for a confidential strategy session in your child custody case.

Why Choose Us for Your Child Custody Lawyers in Huntington Beach?

The attorneys at Moradi Saslaw have a track record of successful outcomes for family law clients since 2009, including representing clients in child custody disputes. We give our clients the following advantages:

  • Roundtable discussions to put the legal minds of our entire team behind your custody case
  • A large family law firm with the availability to take on emergency child custody cases while treating every case with the individual attention our clients would expect from a small firm
  • A resolution-based approach to all family law disputes with the goal of advancing our client’s interest with the least possible contention
  • Our skilled litigators have years of family law litigation in courtrooms and are ready to argue your child custody case before a judge

California divides child custody into two legal categories: legal decision-making custody and physical custody. Your Huntington Beach child custody lawyer from Moradi Saslaw can guide you through the state’s preferred parenting plans and see how they apply to your family or advocate aggressively for your preferred goals for custody in court.

Parenting Plans in California Custody Cases

A parenting plan in California describes the following:

  • A schedule for a child’s overnight days with each parent, or
  • One parent’s primary custody and the other’s visitation schedule
  • How parents make important decisions for their children, including medical decisions, education choices, and religious instruction

The skilled Huntington Beach child custody attorneys at Moradi Saslaw Family Law Attorneys can help divorcing or non-married parents to craft a workable parenting plan and child custody schedule that does not require a judge to decide for them. If parents cannot reach an agreement, your attorney is ready to advocate for your desired outcome before the judge in your divorce hearing.

Modification of Existing Child Custody Orders

The family law attorneys at Moradi Saslaw are a team of premiere attorneys with vast experience navigating child custody law in California, including requesting modification of existing child custody orders. We understand that circumstances sometimes change substantially, including financial circumstances, employment, incarceration, physical illness, disability, or moving out of state. If you have a compelling reason to request a modification of your child custody orders we are ready to represent you and your child’s best interests throughout the modification process.

Call Moradi Saslaw Family Law Attorneys Today

We understand how detrimental a child custody dispute can be to families and are ready to help you resolve your custody case in an out-of-court parenting plan agreement or by presenting evidence and testimony to a judge. If you have a pending or urgent child custody matter in Huntington Beach, reach out to our child custody team in Huntington Beach today for a consultation so we can begin a legal strategy to advance your interests.