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Divorces are always emotionally and legally challenging, but when spouses have years of accumulated assets and diverse financial holdings, the process may seem overwhelming. For divorcing spouses with high assets in Huntington Beach, the divorce attorneys at Moradi Saslaw are uniquely qualified to untangle the most complex marital assets and properties for a fair resolution even in the most contentious of cases. We use a resolution-based approach as we work toward the outcome you seek for your holdings and assets while never compromising on your rights and best interests throughout the process.

Contact the experienced high-asset divorce lawyers in Huntington Beach today for a confidential consultation so we can begin working on a strategy for your important assets as well as navigating other aspects of your California divorce such as child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance.

Why Choose Us for Your Huntington Beach High-Asset Divorce Attorneys?

No one should navigate a divorce without a skilled attorney, especially in cases of high-asset California divorces. The Huntington Beach high-asset divorce lawyers at Moradi Saslaw:

  • Have access to the most proficient and experienced financial experts and tax specialists
  • Use the collaborative efforts of an award-winning legal team to strategize the best way to protect your interests and minimize any financial losses
  • Have decades of experience navigating asset division in California divorces with positive outcomes for our high-asset clients
  • Provide individual attention and a personalized strategy with the understanding that no two divorces are the same just as no two marriages are alike

Moradi Saslaw Family Law Attorneys are ready to assist you professionally and efficiently with all aspects of your divorce, including the division of complex marital assets.

California’s Laws for Equal Distribution of Community Property

When spouses sign a marriage license and make vows, it’s more than an emotional bond, it’s also a legal contract. Because a divorce breaks that contract, it comes with consequences. In California, the state’s community property law compels divorcing spouses to equally divide all assets accumulated during the marriage while they may retain any separate assets. California law defines separate assets as the following:

  • Any asset, account, or real estate property belonging solely to one spouse before the marriage and not comingled with the spouse
  • Any asset inherited by one spouse
  • Any asset gifted to one spouse alone

California considers any asset or property accumulated by either spouse during the marriage as belonging to the marital “community,” and therefore subject to division and equal distribution between them during the divorce.

Common marital assets in high-asset divorces include homes, vacation homes, rental properties, businesses, investment accounts, luxury vehicles, boats, RVs, artwork, antiques, and retirement savings.

Commingling in High-Asset Divorces in Huntington Beach

For divorcing spouses with few assets, the process of division and equal distribution is relatively simple, but for high-asset spouses divorce quickly becomes complex. One spouse may have a valid claim for an asset their spouse believes is theirs alone due to commingling. Assets become comingled when a spouse allows the other spouse access to an account that was previously their separate asset, or when one spouse invests time or money into making improvements to the other spouse’s separate property.

Your lawyer from Moradi-Saslaw will ensure you keep the separate assets that are yours alone and that you miss no property or share of an asset that you are entitled to under California’s divorce law.

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