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What are the Reasons a Parent Can Lose Custody?

When a judge enters a custody decision at the close of a divorce or any other custody hearing, that ruling is not necessarily a final one. San Francisco child custody is decided in the best interests of the children. When those best interests change, custody may be modified.

When Can a Parent Request a Custody Change in California?

A parent can request a custody change in California whenever there is a significant change in circumstances that requires a new custody and visitation arrangement for the best interests of their children. There must be a significant change to ensure stable and consistent custody arrangements for their children with their parents.

Common Reasons Parents Lose Custody of Their Children

The following are significant changes in circumstances that are against the best interests of children. These are common reasons that parents lose custody of their children.

  • Child abuse. This includes any kind of mental, physical, verbal, or sexual abuse;
  • Child abduction. Child abduction is taking a child away from their home and transporting them across the county, state, or international lines with no intention to return them;
  • Falsely alleging child abuse. One parent knowingly and falsely accuses the other parent of child abuse;
  • Child neglect. Child neglect includes refusing to engage with a child, failing to provide them with necessities, and failing to provide and maintain a safe and sanitary living environment;
  • Domestic violence. The court may deny or revoke custody from a parent guilty of domestic violence as a preemptive measure to ensure the safety of a child;
  • Violating child custody orders. A parent who knowingly and consistently violates child custody orders may have their custody rights reduced or revoked for noncompliance;
  • Refusal to co-parent. Refusal to cooperate in parenting a child and allowing them to manage themselves during visitation time may lead to reduced or revoked custody.

What to Do if You Lose Custody of Your Children

If you lose custody of your children, take time to evaluate the judge’s decision. Set aside your emotions and assess the factors that contributed to the judge’s decision in your case. Then seek experienced legal counsel to help you:

  • Rectify any situations that worked against you in the judge’s decision;
  • Request an evaluation of your situation by a third party; and
  • Consider alternative arrangements.

Above all, be patient and follow the court’s orders. Your cooperation will reflect favorably upon you before the court.

Contact an Experienced Child Custody Attorney in California

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